Del is associated with an "ekklesia." What's that, you ask? An ekklesia is a group of people who function like the original followers of Jesus where they met in homes. Ekklesia is not facilitated by a "single leader" like modern churches (first established by Constantine). Those who participate are encouraged to bring their own gifts, talents, and revelation to the table. We honor one another while seeking the deep truths often bypassed, or greatly misunderstood in Scripture. Ekklesia is spontaneous, organic, relational, and natural. 

Everyone has their own piece to the puzzle. Del blogs about her spiritual journey on the website, Supernatural Lessons. 

Northwest (NW) Ekklesia started out in the Seattle area in 2015. Those within the ekklesia are now spread out all over the United States. They meet in person and online. The group's focus is on our individual and collective life "blueprints," sound and frequency, heavenly government, wholeness and healing, creative art, and cosmic exploration from a position of being "IN Christ" where we live, move, and have our being.  

As "Sons of God," we're to step into our position of authority as kings and priests. NW Ekklesia provides ample opportunity for people to "practice" sonship through a monthly subscription. classes, and fellowship. 

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As Del worked through the healing process of leaving an abusive marriage, she began to understand how God used this circumstance to catapult her into a deeper relationship with the Trinity. Over a 23-year period, she worked through a strange illness and losing her home to a highway project through the process of eminent domain. On her website, Supernatural Lessons, Del blogs about her life experiences and how they've matured her and brought her being (spirit, soul, and body) through a restoration process. 

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