The many facets of Del...

The life of a musician can take one down many pathways with a variety of twists and turns along the way. Sometimes those paths are bright and cheery. Other times, they're quite mysterious where exploration beckons. When a rabbit hole is discovered, do you go down? How deep do you go? The decision to go beyond known paths often brings consequences that greatly alters mindsets. How far down the rabbit hole does Del go? Follow her as she discovers her identity on this journey of life...

We start with music...

Healing Frequencies Music

While Del sat down at her keyboard in a state of pondering, she began to play spontaneously, allowing what was welling up inside her to escape through her fingers... New yet ancient sounds blanketed her with peace, love, and joy. As the frequencies floated through the atmosphere, something changed within her heart. Pondering her impromptu musical explorations, she understood a new level of creativity was opening up to her; one that was beyond printed notes on sheet music. For Del, a new sound was born...

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supernatural lessons

As Del continued on her prophetic musical journey, she discovered this new sound brought a shift within her - one that established healing in her emotionally, spiritually, and physically. While exploring the healing properties of music, she embarked on a spiritual journey that led her further down the rabbit hole - deeper into the mysteries of our Divine Creator's love. Positive changes in her life led her to recognize that perfect love truly does cast out all fear. Learning to live in limitless grace, unconditional love, and triumphant mercy only took her further down the rabbit hole...

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Frequency Immersion

Having been a teacher for many years, it only seemed natural that Del would find ways to show others the power of music and how it affects our spirit, soul, and body. After all, her healing journey began as she let go of things in her life that no longer suited her. Many paradigm shifts later, Del began to show others how they can walk into wholeness using music as a tool. Her ability to research and dig for the deeper meaning of how musical frequencies affect our being - spirit, soul, and body, she developed "musical wholeness protocols." Her work led to the Frequency Immersion Practitioner training program...

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Even deeper down the rabbit hole we go...

NW Ekklesia

On her spiritual journey, Del found NW Ekklesia - another group of creative people. As one family, one tribe, with one God, we function in unity as we adventure together in this thing called "life." CLICK HERE

YouTube Channel

Musicians create music. For those on a healing and wholeness journey, there's spontaneous instrumental music for your listening pleasure here. Well, there's also interesting videos on "all things frequency."  CLICK HERE


Everyone has a story to tell! From despair to victory, Del walks you through her journey into wholeness - spirit, soul, and body - book by book. CLICK HERE

Mystic Frequency Collaborative

The Mystic Frequency Collaborative includes musicians who spontaneously create musical "oneness." It's about functioning together with no single leader. CLICK HERE

Free From Verbal Abuse

Life sometimes appears to throw sour lemons. Are they really that sour or is there a greater purpose for everything we go through in life? If you've been under the control of narcissistic people, this website may be of help for you. CLICK HERE

How many more facets exist?

The many facets of Del continue, as they should with everyone. We each have a journey that's uniquely our own. What does your journey look like? Which rabbit holes will you go down? How far down are you willing to go? One thing is for sure! Once a decision is made to step out of the "comfortable box," exciting life adventures await. This decision leads us toward a direction where we can discover our unique and individual identities. Here's a question... are we willing to let go of the fear of not knowing what's before us? Once that decision is made to go for it, we enter the realm of going down that dark and mysterious hole where we have the opportunity to explore those hidden gems that wait for someone to discover them! May you enjoy your own life journey - one that brings you to a greater position of living out of love, peace, and rest. Go ahead! Go down that rabbit hole and see what's there for you...

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